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Excursion to Yoshkar -Ola


Price: 1300 rubles.

The price for pensioners and children is 1200 rubles.

For children under 7 the excursion is free.

Prepayment is to be made before an excursion.

Booking in advance is necessary.

The excursion lasts 10  hours .

Departure time: on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9.00  from Kazan Circus (main entrance).

Directions : “Central stadium” bus stop or “Kremlevskaya” subway station.

Are you ready to feel like in a fairy tail, walk along the Brugge embankment, see the Disney’s princess’s palaces? It is all available in just 2,5 hours away from Kazan. We invite you to an amazing Yoshkar-Ola , the fairy tale- city, founded in a shortest period of time in the 21-st century. You will walk along Arkhangel Sloboda, see the Monument to Lorentso Medichi the Great, know about the culture and life of the last  European heathens as well as you will find  tiny figures, hidden on the roofs and cornices of fairy houses, and loads of other amazing things. Yoshkar-Ola is the city that amazes you!

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