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Gourmet tour “Traditions and trends”

Tour Description

Tatarstan meets you with joyfulness and feeds on a grand scale!

We invite you to get acquainted with Tatarstan , to feel the spirituality of Tatar folks, trying Tatar, Georgian and European cuisines. You will know about the capital of Tatarstan from a new bright side.

You will know the history of this wonderful city, will dip into everyday life of Tatar and Georgian people, cook lots of various dishes , such as katlama, gubadiya, khinkali, khachapuri, stuffed calamari and even cheese! You will make cheese yourself in a local cheese factory and will take it. Moreover , you will spend a nice evening accompanied by sommelier, try wines, local manufacturers’ alcohol drinks and taste cheese sweets in our Gourmet tour!

Tour price:

Group tours ( 10 people and more)-30 500 rub. per person.

For an individual tour  the price is on request.

Tour length: 6 days/5 nights


30% payment in advance is necessary.


You will see:

  • Tatar, Georgian, European  cuisine master -classes

  • Interactive dramatized program. You will feel as  in a rich tatar  home , taste chak-chak, kistibiy, koimak and peremeches.

  • Exciting trips around Kazan.

  • Alcohol  degustation , museum visiting

  • Getting information about  Georgian wines accompanied by a sommelier.

  • Cheese making in a family cheese factory

  • Visiting Tatarstan’s Taj-Makhal

  •  Accommodation in Imereti  hotel, situated in the center of Kazan.

Not included into the tour price:

  • air and train tickets to /from Kazan

  • private expenses

  •  food, not included into the tour program

  • medical insurance

The national hospitability , comfortable accommodation in a hotel, located in the center of the city, breakfasts,  transfers for all trips and , of course, gastronomic adventures are waited for you during out trip.

You will know the traditions of Tatar, Georgian and other cuisines and try famous national food.

Also, you will be able to be inspired with the nature and history, walking with guides around Kazan and its outskirts. You will visit the Camel Farm in the Great Bolgar old settlement and will see its history in details.

Furthermore, nice atmospheric photos will keep your best memories.

See you in Kazan! Let all your dreams have the taste of happiness!





Tour program


Day 1

Day 1  Tatar fairytales

11.00 Meeting at the airport/railway station

12.00 Arrival to Imereti hotel.

13.00 Visit to “A hospitable tatar merchant’s house”, interactive program ( secrets of life style, traditions of Tatar people, Tatar house , excursion to the Museum of Tatar Cuisine, traditional lunch in the house of Tatar merchant and his wife (Tokmach soup, Peremyach, Echpochmak, Chak-chak, Kosh Tele, Kostibiy, Koimak, Tatar Tea).

15.00 Accommodation in Imereti hotel.

16.00  Chak –chak museum visiting. You will know the secrets of chak-chak cooking, see utensils, used in the past, drink a flavoring tea from Samovar, taste chak-chak, baursak, Tatar fruit paste and one ancient dish which we recovered for you specially.


19.00 Dinner (not included into the price). If you’d like we will recommend you the places to walk and eat by yourself.


Free time


Day 2

Day 2 Great Bolgar Misteries

8.00 Breakfast on the terrace of the hotel in a nice atmosphere of the picturesque views form the bird’s flight height.

9.00 Departure to the Great Bolgar, a former capital of the Great Volga Bulgariya and the Motherland of Tatar people.

11.00 The White Mosque, Tatarstan’s Taj-Makhal, visiting.

13.00 Lunch in Chingizkhan restaurant. Culinary master-class on cooking pan-cakes in a bake.

14.00 Visiting  the Settlement, Camel Farm with camel milk degustation,  Embankment, the Cathedral Mosque ruins, the memorial sign in the honor of the acceptance of Islam by Volga Bulgars in 922.

17.00 Departure to Kazan

20.00 “Russian style” dinner in Matsoni restaurant.

Free time







Day 3

Day 3  Kazan, my Beauty!


9.00 Breakfast on the hotel terrace with a picturesque city view and the energy of a fresh wind.

11.00 Master –class “Tatar costume”. You will listen to the talk about Tatar costume history ,interior details, see historical costumes and hat collections of the 16-19 th centures. You will have a photo session at the photo zones and  get printed photos as presents.


12.00 Walk to “Tugan avilim” complex . This name means native village. The complex was settled in 2005 in the Kazan’s Millenium  honor and is located in the heart of the city. It is a real cozy village with wooden houses, designed in a modern style, where you can observe the pond as well.

12.30 Local manufacturer’s alcohol shop -museum visiting , degustation . You will see a rich assortment, get an interesting information about the history of the alcohol drinks production and traditions of Tatar hospitality, taste best samples. The degustation of strong alcohol, wine, beer is on your choice.

13.30 Master –class on Tatar cuisine. You will cook katlama with meat, Gubadiya desert, and taste flavored shurpa soup  from our chef.

16.00 Excursion to the Kazan Kremlin with a visit to the National Museum of Tatarstan.

Dinner (not included into the price). You may choose the place you like for dinner. The city map will be provided.




Day 4

Day 4 Hospitable Georgia

9.00 Breakfast on the hotel terrace under the sounds of Georgian music.

10.00 Departure to the Raifa Monastery. Visiting the main holy treasure - the Georgian Mother of God.

14.00 Master class on Georgian dishes cooking. You will cook juicy khachapuri, traditional khinkals piquantly stuffed and will taste branded kharcho cooked by our chef.

Free time

19.00 Georgian wine degustation with a sommelier. We will tell you about the best wines of Georgia and not only. You will be able to taste them and have a wonderful evening in a cozy atmosphere surrounded by warm and pleasant  conversation.



Day 5

Day 5 Amazing Europe

9.00 Breakfast in a hotel.

10.30 Visiting a family cheese factory, master-class on cheese making, degustation.

13.30 The modern Art Gallery visiting.

16.00 Grilled dishes cooking master-class (stuffed calamari, caramel baked pear).

p.s. Your own drinks are allowed.

Free time




Day 6

Day 6

10.00 Breakfast on the Hotel terrace with a marvelous view is to be served. Throwing a coin outside the terrace ,you will be able to make a wish to come back to a wonderful Kazan one day!

12.00 Check-out

12.00 The supermarket of home- made food Bahetle visiting. If you ask any local person where to buy fresh home -made bakery goods, or ready to eat dinner, or traditional Tatar sweets , he or she will surely say Bahetle.

14.00 Transfer to the airport/railway station

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